Selling by auction is quick and secure

There are many reasons sellers choose auctions to sell their property and more often than not it’s to secure a quick sale to a committed buyer, for the right price. Auctions are a proven way to maximise the sale price for sellers and provide the security of fixed timescales for exchange and completion dates.

You can choose the type of auction that best suits your circumstances, set your own timescale and with the purchaser either exchanging contracts or paying a reservation fee to secure the property, you know they are committed to the sale.

There are three ways to sell through by auction; Timed Auctions, Auction Events and Buy It Now auctions.

The benefits of selling by auction include:

Investment property

Investments are increasingly being sold by auction and appeal to a wide range of investors, from local private individuals to established national businesses.

Security of sale

With the buyer exchanging contracts immediately on the fall of the gavel they are legally bound to purchase the property and they’ll pay a deposit so you know they’re committed.

Fixed timescales

You can start and end a Timed Auction at any time to suit you with fixed exchange and complete dates, giving you total control. Alternatively, you can include your property in one of our Auction Events, hosted online via a live stream.

Minimum reserve price

With the reserve price agreed in advance, your property will never sell for less than you’re prepared to accept.

Timed Auctions

Our Timed Auctions give you total flexibility over the sale of your property. Interested parties can place bids from wherever is convenient for them, and competitive bidding against will achieve the best price possible at the end of the sale.

Auction Events

Partnering with the UK’s most successful live-streamed auctioneer, SDL Property Auctions, we will be conducting live-broadcast property auctions every month with thousands of viewers tuning in to watch and bid on their new investment.

Selling by auction FAQs

What type of properties are suitable for auction?

All types of properties can sell well at auction including residential, commercial, vacant or tenanted properties, land and development sites.

Can I set a minimum price for my property?

Yes a property cannot be offered without a reserve price, this is the minimum price your property can sell for, this is confidential between you and the auctioneer.

What is a guide price?

Properties are advertised with a guide price, which is based on your likely reserve price. The guide price has to be within 10% above or below the reserve price when a single figure is stated. If the guide price is a bracket figure the reserve price cannot exceed the top end of the bracket price.

Can I accept an offer before the end of the auction?

You can consider an offer at any time. We will advise you if we think it is best to wait until the end of the auction but it's your decision if you wish to accept it. We will still ensure that the buyer agrees to the usual auction terms.

What areas do you cover?

We sell all types of property throughout the length and breadth of Scotland.

Does my property have to be sold to a cash buyer?

Not necessarily, however successful bidders need to have immediate funds available in order to exchange contracts on the fall of the hammer.

How do I get further advice?

Our friendly team are available to offer you all the help and guidance you need, to ensure you are comfortable with selling at auction. Please give them a call if you have any questions and they will happily guide you through the process to ensure selling at auction is the best route for you.

*Terms and conditions apply.

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apartment in basingstoke

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Flat 26, Regal Court, Weymouth Street, Warminster, Wiltshire BA12 9NH

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